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Local cryotherapy


CryoSauna is a single-person cryogenic chamber used for individual treatments of systemic cryotherapy. During the treatment the temperature is regulated individually by the staff

within the range from ¨-110°C to -160°C. The time may also be changed from 1 to 5 minutes. It also provides a direct contact with the patients throughout the treatment, which improves their sense of safety.

The cabin of the cryosauna is fit out with pivoting door, which can be opened at all times using minimal strength again reassuring patients of their absolute safety. The cryosauna has an airing system which expels the gas used in the cabin cooling process simultaneously ventilating the main room. The cryosauna has the Certficate of Regeneration device.

The source of cold is liquid nitrogen that is stored and delivered from a self pressurized cryogenic tank. This solution is the most efficient and prevents nitrogen losses..

Local cryotherapy

Local Cryotherapy applications are used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, which stimulates cold receptors all over the body in order to trigger an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response, local cryotherapy is comparable to “icing”, although much more powerful and efficient based on our experience. As temperatures as low as -95°C can be reached by our device, a local area treatment only needs to be conducted for about 5 minutes.


– small, portable machine

– adjustable configuration on your demand

– different sizes and parameters of applicators

– easy handling

– low operation costs

– high availability of CO everywhere


Ing. Milan Sochor

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